So, Maybe There Can Be a Point at Which Child Support is excessive.


Wait, their cell phone bill is WHAT?

Deion sanders pays $10,000 a month in child support. I do believe child support should if not ideally a reimbursement program(I’ll make a separate  post on what it would be like if I wrote the law), it should reflect a percentage of the parents income. In that case for someone like Deion Sanders, I could see $10,000 a month. I did however give the side eye to a couple of things his ex, Pilar is claiming on behalf of her kids. According to a post on Black America Web, she is claiming:

— $500/ month on the children’s cell phone bill

She also added that she spends $450 on her son’s haircuts and treating her daughter’s “very thick curly hair.”

Hey, Pilar have you ever heard of prepaid phone service? You can get unlimited everything for $60 a month and can even get upscale phones like the Iphone. Just because you can pay for something doesn’t mean be wasteful. I just cannot co-sign this type of thing. And on the hair thing, there are plenty of lower income women that can do hair just as good as the uppity bitch charging too much in the upscale salon. You could spend at least half that on your kids hair. Just wasteful and unnecessary to me.


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