The Key to a Great Society, Limiting the Freedom of Women

It seriously depresses me as a woman when I hear conservative talking points. The number 1 point on the agenda is “The Family”. I have no problem with encouraging happy families. The problem comes in with what they would like to do about it and limiting the options of people that do not want what fits into their traditional family mold. That and it seems to always have to do with punishing women that don’t do what they want. Their solution to the number of out of wedlock births is to make it harder for women who already have children. Otherwise they would be for making contraception affordable. They would rather have women and children suffering in poverty to scare other women into towing the line. They never want to scare men though. An equally horrible position would be to force men to live in poverty or marry the mother of their children. No support for that. Even though child support enforcement lowers out of wedlock birth rates. Nope, have to punish those evil sluts or risk civilization. 





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