A glitch in the EBT system created food benefit cards with no limits in 17 states.


Some people took advantage of this and went to Wal-mart and bought a bunch of stuff. Stinkeye dejour to these sorry motherfuckers. It shouldn’t have to be but, sorry racist bastards that want to get rid of assistance programs will use this to further negatively stereotype people getting this much needed help. Stinkeye to them too. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if  those with the bad behavior would not be the example stereotype for minorities. I won’t hold my breath for sanity or logic from racists. I’d die and that would probably make them happy. DAMMIT ALL!


More on Priviledge

Image     On racism and privilege: We’re all treated based on looks. That is not merely assumption it is a fact of life. Not even just race, fat, skinny, those perceived to fit the standard of beauty and those that don’t. The closer a person fits to the ideal—white, not overweight—The more of certain privileges they get.

We all need to take a look at our privileges no matter how small. That can be difficult for those that have so little they cannot see those things. I’ll use myself as an example:Though I may have a great grandfather that is a native, I have no idea of their struggle and have no rights to co-opt it.

I’m descended from stolen Africans and have no clue of the struggle of those living there now. Do I have my own very real and very American struggles—absolutely and those are not diminished by acknowledging the different difficulties of others in this biased racial and social economic hierarchy.

I even came to see it in former employment. I and 2 other coworkers compared our pay—The white girl with the least experience got paid the most, my pay was second highest over the co-worker that was the darkest skinned black women with similar experience to me.

I got the unearned privilege of higher pay based not on my skills or negotiation—we all took what was offered to us—but based on being lighter skinned and better fitting a social standard. That is wrong and only makes me a bad person if I act as if this doesn’t happen in many ways everywhere.


Oh and straight up stinkeye to people who come into a conversation about race with a damn chip on their shoulder because they are a “mixed” person that is light enough to be perceived and receive the privileges of being white. It is not necessary to say you should not be responsible for atrocities your ancestors committed. Just acknowledge you receive benefits of it and denounce it.  Just as people of color receive the negative of their predecessors being on the losing end of that, what’s the damn problem with us saying we shouldn’t have to continue to recoup the negative from our ancestors?  Don’t want the blame for them? Don’t accept the advantages from it like you earned it then.

Child Support, If I Ran It

Mommy, why U hav all dis money and I have no clothes?

If I had the ability to propose child support legislation This is what I would suggest:

I would make child support into a reinbusrment program. Often men complain that mothers, who are most often the custodial parent, do not have to prove the money is spent on the child.

My suggestion would change that. I would have the mother turn in reciepts to child support enforcement and the non-custodial parent would recieve copies and be billed for 50 percent of it. This would not include cost for gifts, trips to Disneyland, birthday parties or things like that. The custodial parent would have a 3 month time frame in which to turn in reciepts.

Under child support as it is now, the custodial parent ends up spending more than the non-custodial parent.This would even it out, also it would end extreme cases where the non-custodial parent is quite wealthy and pays really high child support that the custodial parent can basically live off of to the extent that they are not spending on their child basically.

I don’t think that’s right either. I would include an amount for housing expenses however. That would not be 50% of actual housing expenses. Let me explain. Let’s say a mother has 1 child. A single person could confortably live in a studio or 1 bedroom. NOt so much with 2 people. So for housing, as far as child support is concerned, I would have the father pay 50% of the difference between the cost of a 1 bedroom and a 2.

Where I live that would amount to no more than $100, depending on the neighborhood. For utilities I would bill the non-custodial parent for 10%. The question would realisticly rise of, what if the non-custodial parent can’t pay? If the father guineully cannot pay, he would need to speak with child support enforcent and a payment plan would be made.

Some states charge interest on unpaid child support. That would be not be a part of my plan. By the way, non-custodial parents that cannot pay their child support can go to child support enforcement and have the amount of their payment changed today. I know several fathers that have done this.

I would give the non-custodial parent a three month time frame to either pay or show they cannot before summoning them to court for non-payment. If at that time they do not start making payments and they are shown to have the ability to they should spend time in county lock up according to what the judge deems correct.

I wonder why non of our congressmen have a more balanced approch to child support.

Wage Slaves, House Wife as Occupation and the Eternal Greatfulness Doctrine

This video gets the Stinkeye.

How can I sum up this video? Lets see.

Feminism makes women divorce their husbands— check

There was some good old age where no women worked outside the home—check

Why would women want to leave the wonderful super easy task of just cuddling the kiddos all day and become a WAGE SLAVE—check

Excuse me while I vomit….

Okay, I’m back. Of the older women in my family exactly zero have been a housewife. Could assholes like this at least try to frame their argument in a way that does not erase working class people? Nah, that would take too much logic.

Back in the bad old days sometimes even the children had to work. Also, I’m real sick of the idea that women simply divorce because they can or on a whim. There are many different reasons someone files for divorce.

There are many issues with wife as occupation. First and foremost in my mind is the issue of pay. The typical response to that is her pay is room, board and clothing. The reason I hated when I stayed at home was not having my own money to spend as I pleased.

Having to ask for money like a child and explain why I wanted it was very degrading. The inability to buy so much as a damn fifty cent pack of gum without someone eles’s say so is about as degraded to a child as an adult can get. That was enough for me to never want to be a stay at home mom again. With another employer, I work, recived my pay and spent it as I pleased. I got time away from my job, I recieved set hours and breaks.

Staying at home, if my spouse did not want to keep the kids to allow me to pursue some other leisure activity I wanted; I did not get a break. Which in my case was very rarely. I couldn’t do so much as shower without a child banging on the door, yelling, “Mommy,mommy, mommy, mommy,mommy!” That sucks.

Meanwhile, did he just come straight home every day from work. Nope. If he wanted to visit a friend, play basketball, go have a beer, he did those things. I love my children, dearly. Time with kids can have good and bad sides.

Kids can laugh with you, give hugs and kisses and are awesome. They can also poop everywhere, pee everywhere, vomit on you, have tantrums, hit you, bite you(try having your nipple almost ripped off trying to breastfeed a baby.) and make for a very bad day.

Parents need a break from that to rejuvenate. Stay at home mothers often don’t get those needed breaks. Telling them they get a break when the kids are asleep is not sufficient. That is cruel.

My other big problem with the wife as occupation model is what I call the Eternal Gratefulness doctrine. This is the belief that a housewife should be soooo grateful that her husband pays the bills, everything she does is to show her gratefulness.

This leads to husbands taking their wives for granted because she already has a debt to pay for him paying the bills. What is just doing her job. If you’re just doing your job, thanks or reciprocal appreciation is required. Paying the bill is the wife’s appreciation shown.

Wage slave, indeed.

Libster Award

Lala’s World Blog http://lalasworldblog.wordpress.com/
Nominiated me for the Libster Award. I am honored because I admire Lala’ World blog, it’s awesome.


The award is for new bloggers with less than 200 followers. As part of this I list 11 things about myself and answer 11 questions the person that nominated me asked. As well as nominate up to 11 bloggers myself.


I’ll just answer the questions lala’s World blog did:
1.What is your favorite book?


This is real tough for me I really loved Through the Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King but also have a great love for The Color Purple by Alice Walker.

2.If you could do anything you wanted, without regard to money or time, then what would you do?


Since money would be no problem, I could spend the time I would have working helping others.

3.Chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry?


Strawberry on the bottom, vanilla in the middle, and chocolate on top. Then the whipped cream and the cherry. ;-D

4.Do you have any pets?


No, I have a hard enough time affording feeding my kids, not to mention the messes.

5.What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve ever done?


Accidentally set a bush on fire while playing with matches as a kid.

6.What is something no one else, or very few people, know about you?


I have the song, You Belong with Me by Taylor Swift on my mp3 player.

7.What is the name of your best friend and how long have you been friends?


I won’t mention her name but we have been friends since 1990.

9.What was your least favorite subject in school?



10.Who is your celebrity crush?



11.What is your favorite food?


Orange Chicken


Some things about me:

1.If I’m watching TV or movies, I prefer comedies. Drama and action are ok but life is serious enough as it is. I like to laugh.

2.I don’t have time to read as much as I’d like to. My list of to read books has been neglected lately. I do add to it occasionally.

3. I can have a great day in my house alone the whole day. As I have a husband and 6 kids, quiet is a rare treat for me.

4. My favorite shows I will make sure to watch, even if online are: The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

5.My favorite fast food is Pizza Fries from a place called Egee’s in Arizona where I grew up.

6. Three things I have wanted to learn and have not yet are: Playing piano, Playing guitar and sewing.

7.I was born in the summertime and really do not like being cold. Summer is my favorite time of year.

8. I did not learn how to swim until I was 13 years old. I was afraid of drowning from age 5 when I almost drowned in a swimming pool.

9.I wish I had better fashion sense. All my friends and family tell me I dress quite plainly. I’m getting better.

10. I have been with my husband for 19 years. It still a pleasant suprise that we have been able to work through so many trials and stay together so long. I hope we can do this for life. I love him so much.

11.Chocolate is my kryptonite.


I nominate:

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Shut the front door! I am so utterly stunned right now. I was nominated for the Liebster Award. Apparently this award is for new bloggers with less than 200 followers. Yeah, that about sums me up. First of all I’d like to thank Debb at http://sunshinefactor.wordpress.com for this extremely unexpected honor. I hope I get this right because I’m still unsure of what I’m doing, but here goes nothing. For this award I must list 11 things about myself. Then I must answer the 11 questions that the person who nominated me has asked. I must nominate up to 11 of my favorite new bloggers with less than 200 followers and give them 11 questions of my choosing to answer. Lastly, I must notify my nominees of their nomination. Whew, I think I got it all.

Here are 11 things to know about me:

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