How Slut Shaming Becomes Victim Blaming

I couldn’t put this any better than Chescaleigh has. I am grateful for women like her speaking up. If I had heard someone like her speaking up about this when I was younger, it would have given me the courage to go to the police after I was raped. Standing ovation! Apple of my eye!


Child Support, If I Ran It

Mommy, why U hav all dis money and I have no clothes?

If I had the ability to propose child support legislation This is what I would suggest:

I would make child support into a reinbusrment program. Often men complain that mothers, who are most often the custodial parent, do not have to prove the money is spent on the child.

My suggestion would change that. I would have the mother turn in reciepts to child support enforcement and the non-custodial parent would recieve copies and be billed for 50 percent of it. This would not include cost for gifts, trips to Disneyland, birthday parties or things like that. The custodial parent would have a 3 month time frame in which to turn in reciepts.

Under child support as it is now, the custodial parent ends up spending more than the non-custodial parent.This would even it out, also it would end extreme cases where the non-custodial parent is quite wealthy and pays really high child support that the custodial parent can basically live off of to the extent that they are not spending on their child basically.

I don’t think that’s right either. I would include an amount for housing expenses however. That would not be 50% of actual housing expenses. Let me explain. Let’s say a mother has 1 child. A single person could confortably live in a studio or 1 bedroom. NOt so much with 2 people. So for housing, as far as child support is concerned, I would have the father pay 50% of the difference between the cost of a 1 bedroom and a 2.

Where I live that would amount to no more than $100, depending on the neighborhood. For utilities I would bill the non-custodial parent for 10%. The question would realisticly rise of, what if the non-custodial parent can’t pay? If the father guineully cannot pay, he would need to speak with child support enforcent and a payment plan would be made.

Some states charge interest on unpaid child support. That would be not be a part of my plan. By the way, non-custodial parents that cannot pay their child support can go to child support enforcement and have the amount of their payment changed today. I know several fathers that have done this.

I would give the non-custodial parent a three month time frame to either pay or show they cannot before summoning them to court for non-payment. If at that time they do not start making payments and they are shown to have the ability to they should spend time in county lock up according to what the judge deems correct.

I wonder why non of our congressmen have a more balanced approch to child support.

I admire Oprah keeping her poise in the face of so many haters. I cannot stand Oprah haters. The basic reason is they hate her over untruths. If you hate celebrities and their self absorbed lives, I can get that.Usually, though, when I have had a conversation with people that hate Oprah, their reasons are, she hates black men, hates men in general or some variation of that claim.

I’m not an unreasonable person, I absolutely reconsider my ideas when confronted with proof. In Oprah’s case, I looked from some proof. I used to watch her show when I was younger, I recall no man hating from Oprah. I went through all the online videos of her show I could find and found nothing to cause concern. So she funded a leadership school for girls.

She has also helped fund many other schools that were not just for girls. I suspect the real issue is not something she has specifically said or done but a woman that seems to have a fulfilling life without the bulk of that fulfillment being totally focused on the man in her life. There are times it hurts me to think that if a black woman cured cancer she would be hated by black men if she dared be successful of her own accord.

Why can’t a sister get the least credit for something other than what she may do for a man or children? A woman’s success outside of that does not equal a man’s failure at anything. There is nothing wrong with any woman if she has extra aspirations other than the traditional gender role box they are trying to stuff us in.

Opah making a hater look stupid—-APPLE OF MY EYE ALL DAY! The hater, of course, gets the stink eye.

Apple of my eye!!

My two cents, it’s kind of messed up it seems that blacks are the only race where if one person fits something negative it is stuck to the whole race. For other races usually at least one positive(or more) stereotype gets pegged to the whole race. Although I will say if the positive stereotype is not something that person fits it could be a possible problem for them as well. Mad TV shows this well in a very funny bit called Average Asian.



Average Asian Mad TV

Lala's world

On March 23, 2012 on Disney channel, ” Doc McStuffins” was debuted on Disney junior a show about a 6-year-old African-American girl name Dottie McStuffins, whose mother is  a doctor and has a stay at home dad who usual spends his time in the garden.The little girl follows  in her mothers footsteps by opening a clinic to treat all her dolls and stuff animals. although the show is aimed at preschoolers, I find myself watching the episodes on Disney Junior. I enjoy watching the show, because one: she is so cute two: she teaches kids about healthy living and how to live healthy and three: she breaks a stereotype for colored girls. We all have been( in our life time) stereotyped in a particular category either because of our skin color, the way we dress, how we speak to others, or just on what we decide to reveal to the world. And lets face it, we have…

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I spy with my little eye…

I figured maybe this first post on the blog should be about why I created this blog. OK so here goes. I created this blog as a place to run my damn mouth.( or keyboard as it is) That I think is pretty much it. I have a lot a opinions and not as much time as I like to put them out in the world. Now I have another place to do so. I am black and a woman so my blogs will speak from that experience. I try to read, watch, find information from others point of view all the time just to keep myself open to new ideas. So dear blog reader, now you know a little about me. Whoop there it is.