Wage Slaves, House Wife as Occupation and the Eternal Greatfulness Doctrine

This video gets the Stinkeye.

How can I sum up this video? Lets see.

Feminism makes women divorce their husbands— check

There was some good old age where no women worked outside the home—check

Why would women want to leave the wonderful super easy task of just cuddling the kiddos all day and become a WAGE SLAVE—check

Excuse me while I vomit….

Okay, I’m back. Of the older women in my family exactly zero have been a housewife. Could assholes like this at least try to frame their argument in a way that does not erase working class people? Nah, that would take too much logic.

Back in the bad old days sometimes even the children had to work. Also, I’m real sick of the idea that women simply divorce because they can or on a whim. There are many different reasons someone files for divorce.

There are many issues with wife as occupation. First and foremost in my mind is the issue of pay. The typical response to that is her pay is room, board and clothing. The reason I hated when I stayed at home was not having my own money to spend as I pleased.

Having to ask for money like a child and explain why I wanted it was very degrading. The inability to buy so much as a damn fifty cent pack of gum without someone eles’s say so is about as degraded to a child as an adult can get. That was enough for me to never want to be a stay at home mom again. With another employer, I work, recived my pay and spent it as I pleased. I got time away from my job, I recieved set hours and breaks.

Staying at home, if my spouse did not want to keep the kids to allow me to pursue some other leisure activity I wanted; I did not get a break. Which in my case was very rarely. I couldn’t do so much as shower without a child banging on the door, yelling, “Mommy,mommy, mommy, mommy,mommy!” That sucks.

Meanwhile, did he just come straight home every day from work. Nope. If he wanted to visit a friend, play basketball, go have a beer, he did those things. I love my children, dearly. Time with kids can have good and bad sides.

Kids can laugh with you, give hugs and kisses and are awesome. They can also poop everywhere, pee everywhere, vomit on you, have tantrums, hit you, bite you(try having your nipple almost ripped off trying to breastfeed a baby.) and make for a very bad day.

Parents need a break from that to rejuvenate. Stay at home mothers often don’t get those needed breaks. Telling them they get a break when the kids are asleep is not sufficient. That is cruel.

My other big problem with the wife as occupation model is what I call the Eternal Gratefulness doctrine. This is the belief that a housewife should be soooo grateful that her husband pays the bills, everything she does is to show her gratefulness.

This leads to husbands taking their wives for granted because she already has a debt to pay for him paying the bills. What is just doing her job. If you’re just doing your job, thanks or reciprocal appreciation is required. Paying the bill is the wife’s appreciation shown.

Wage slave, indeed.