Rooting for Tyler

I saw a trailer for an action movie Tyler Perry is in. I’m aware Tyler is on some list of supposed black men hating/black women stereotyping hated negro list that seems to only include him and Oprah.(and occasionally any black male actor that dresses in drag) The problem is I’m starting to become of the opinion that this type of attitude limits the type oftopics of movies black people can make or be in.

     If any negative character role a black person is in is precieved to reflect on all black people negatively there is gonna be so limited a scope as to limit movies with blacks in them to biopics. And apparently biopics of black men cannot show anything about the black women in their lives. (Tuskeegee airmen) This is one load of BS I thing black people need to get over and damn right quick.

The fact of the matter is you could make every single damn black character in every movie from now on a super intelligent geinus of some sort and that’s not going to change one bit the minds of racist motherfuckers out in the world. Why is it movies with other races of people can just tell compelling, action filled or funny stories without them getting into a bitch-fit on how such and such a character is making their race look bad.

I know black people can tell the difference between fiction and reality…I’m starting to wonder. Well I for one am not going to be a part of this BS. I’m going to call it out for what it is whenever I encounter it. A turd. I give the stink eye to these numbskulls on this hot load of BS.